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How to set a price for your Landfolk
summer house

We know that your summer house is a personal place with family history and handpicked items and that it can be difficult to set a price – especially if you’ve never tried renting out before. We hope that this article will serve as a guide to set the right price for your summer house.
There are three things you should keep in mind when you set your price on Landfolk: the rental price, your cleaning fee and the utility costs. To keep it simple we’ve divided this guide into three steps.

Your rental price

There are a few things you can take into account when you decide what your rental price should be. The location, nearby attractions and how many guests you can accomodate.

  1. Where is the summer house located, and what can be experienced nearby?
    The location of your summer house matters - do you have sea view? Is the beach right in your backyard? Maybe there’s a unique nature park just nearby. The surrounding area is important to have in mind when setting your prices.
  2. If you’re in doubt: compare your summer house with others on Landfolk
    Even though all our summer houses are different in sizes and have different interiors you can usually find something that reminds you of your own. Maybe your summer house has facilities and qualities that make it more comfortable or attractive. Is it architecturally designed or do you have a wilderness bath? You’ll get a feeling of the price ranges if you take a look at the other houses that are similar to yours in size, location, amenities and features.

    Consider a price that you feel is fair for the guests to pay while staying at your summer house.

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  3. When do you want to share your summer house, and how often?
    If you choose seasonal pricing, Landfolk will help you set your prices taking holidays and the different seasons into account. If you choose seasonal prices, you only need to set a price range of a minimum and maximum price, and then let Landfolk do the rest. If you choose to set the prices yourself, it’s a good idea to take school holidays into consideration and whether there is a popular recurring festival or cultural event in the local area, as this should also raise the price you set.

    It’s easy to change and adjust the price for a specific day or week - regardless of whether you choose seasonal pricing or not.

    Read our host terms here

Cleaning Fee

Cleaning is always included in the price when guests send a booking request for your summer house. When setting your cleaning fee, you should consider how long it will take to clean your specific summer house and price it accordingly. Furthermore, Landfolk has made a guide for guests with requirements on how they should leave the summer house after their stay.

The cleaning fee is a fixed amount and is added to the rental price for each stay.

Utility costs

Utility costs vary depending on the outside temperature and consumption prices. We can’t predict the weather, but we can with confidence claim that some months are colder than others. For dates between the coldest and the warmest time of the year, we can help calculate a price based on your settings. It’s also possible to add an extra guest fee if you would like your price to reflect possible increased utility costs if there are a specific number of guests visiting.

  1. What are your average utility costs in your summer house?
    How much electricity do you use when you’re at the summer house with your family? Take a look at your own consumption and add a little extra to accommodate guest usage.

    You can also have warm socks and slippers available for your guests to keep feet warm and cosy. In this way, you can help your guests to use heating in moderation while still having a good experience.

    Besides setting your utility cost for both warm and cold months, you can also charge an extra energy surcharge in case energy prices have more than doubled and the situation meets the requirements in our host terms.
  2. How many guests would you like to host?
    It's possible to set up extra utility costs if the amount of guests exceeds your ideal capacity. So if you think your house is ideal for 4 persons, but it can accommodate up to 6 guests, you can add utility costs for the extra amount of guests.

If you allow pets at your summer house, you can always add a fee for pets to cover extra cleaning and wear. You’ll find the pet fee under Settings.

How to get a good start on Landfolk

We always recommend new hosts to start with a rental price a little lower to gain experience with hosting right away. When your profile has been live for a while, you can reconsider and potentially increase the price. Did your summer house gain a lot of attention and therefore a lot of booking requests? Or was the price too high to start with? When you have some preliminary experiences with bookings and booking requests you can adjust the price again.

Think about these points when you set a price for your summer house:

  • Where’s the summer house located?
  • What can be experienced in the neighbourhood?
  • How many people fit comfortably in the summer house?
  • When and how much do you wish to rent out the summer house?
  • What are your usual utility costs?
  • How is the quality, the interior and state of the house?
  • How much do other hosts charge for summer houses that are similar to your own?
  • Which rental price reflects what you wish to earn on renting out your summer house?
Written by Landfolknovember 2022
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