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You might never have rented out your summer house before – or maybe you've done it so many times that you're now looking for new inspiration on how to do it differently.

At Landfolk, every summer house is different and the preparations needed to get it ready for guests might of course differ.

Here’s a general guide based on advice from other wonderful Landfolk hosts combined with our own best practices.

  • The holiday begins the best when arriving at a sparkling clean summer house. If you're unsure what guests expect when arriving, check out our cleaning guide.
  • We all know the feeling of fresh air. One of the best tips from our hosts is to open the windows and doors while you're getting the summer house ready, so it feels nice and airy when the guests arrive.
  • Is it cold outside? Then there's nothing better than stepping into a preheated, warm and inviting summer house.
  • Summer houses on Landfolk stand out because of the hosts' own love for the places. One of the great benefits for guests is that there are basic items in the summer house that you are allowed to use. For example:
    • salt and pepper, spices, coffee and oil
    • dishwasher detergent and hand soap
    • cleaning products and toilet paper
    • firewood, gas bottles for bbqs, and lighter fluid/briquettes
    TIP: Some of our hosts write a note to their guests encouraging them to replace the things they empty. In that way there's enough for the next guests.
  • Our guests love it when they don't need to think about bringing linen and towels. If you've agreed to prepare the beds, your guests will relax the moment they walk in the door. Especially during the high season, make sure you have enough bedding. If your guests are bringing their own, make sure you inform them of bed sizes.
  • Garbage disposal is extra important in the summer heat. Make sure to inform your guests of the nearest place to dispose of garbage and deposit bottles, and to request more frequent garbage pickups during weeks with many stays.
  • If cleaning is through Landfolk, make sure to clearly communicate that check-out is at 10:00 am. Especially during the busy high season, it’s important that the cleaning team can access the summer house on time.
  • Inform guests of your availability during their stay. If you’re out of the country, consider having a backup key near the summer house just in case.
  • The cherry on top is the personal greeting. Everyone loves to be welcomed and surprised. Doing something special for the guests help them feel welcome. It could be a bouquet of flowers from the garden on the table, stones from the beach with their names on, that special chocolate you can't keep your hands off, a handwritten card… it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to make an impact.
  • Generously share your best recommendations for the summer house and the area. Share what you love to do when you're in the summer house yourself. It could be anything from the best spot to enjoy the morning sun, to what games to play, to campfire meals in the garden – and where to find the best beach, shop for great local vegetables, go for a walk or cycle or find the best view of the area.

Still not sure how best to prepare your summer house? We'd love to help – just get in touch with our Guest & Host Care team at or call us at +45 3939 3202.

Written by Landfolkmaj 2023
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