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Discover our holiday homes in Marielyst, which offers one of Denmark's best beaches and unique nature experiences among the old trees in Bøtø.

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Get close to each other in the tiny house with the light, cozy decor
Highlight from the host Mikkel
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Presence and heart warmth in the small summer house on Falster

Væggerløse, Denmark4 guests

€153/night (26 31 May )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Marielyst, Denmark8 guests

€225/night (22 27 May )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

New gem
Idestrup, Denmark6 guests

€178/night (22 27 May )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Marielyst, Bøtø, Denmark6 guests

€130/night (23 28 May )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Idestrup, Denmark17 guests

€735/night (26 31 May )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Væggerløse, Denmark5 guests

€203/night (22 27 May )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Væggerløse, Denmark6 guests

€202/night (22 28 May )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Væggerløse, Denmark12 guests

€456/night (22 27 May )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

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Words from happy guests

A super cozy and charming cottage in quiet surroundings

Jette from Denmark

Stay for 2 adults

The cottage was very nice, small and cozy. The surroundings are certainly very beautiful in summer. The stay was just right to slow down

Tanja from Germany

Stay for 2 adults

The environment was very quiet at this time of year. The cottage is very cozy and stylishly furnished. In addition, everything you need is there. To the beach you walk about 10-15 minutes. The beach is a dream.

Maike from Germany

Stay for 2 adults and 1 baby

The house is very lovingly and beautifully furnished. The kitchen is very well equipped, there is really everything you need. It was also great that there were so many toys for our children. The beach is only 5 minutes walk away and great for playing sand, swimming and relaxing!

Kilian from Germany

Stay for 2 adults and 2 children

Cozy little cottage on a secluded natural plot. Beautifully decorated and very child-friendly.

Simon from Denmark

Stay for 2 adults and 2 children

The cottage is beautifully situated on a lovely natural plot, close to water and forest. The house is cozy and well-appointed, it is a nice place to stay.

Liv from Denmark

Stay for 2 adults

The cottage is very invitingly decorated and is located a short distance from the stunning beach.

Linda from Norway

Stay for 2 adults and 2 children

It was a lovely and bright cottage with high ceilings and cozy decor. Also really nice garden and beautiful area with a short walk to the beach.

Heidi Graugaard from Denmark

Stay for 2 adults and 2 children

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There's a lot more to Germany than motorways and sauerkraut. Here you'll find unspoiled nature with the snow-capped Alps, the Rhine, and vast green forests in the south and stunning fishing villages with incredible beaches in the north. Germany's holiday homes are imprinted by the surrounding areas, cultures, and countries - making it truly special to get out of town.


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Vejers Strand

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