A better way to rent out your holiday home

  • Rent out when it fits you and earn more
  • Stay in control of who stays in your holiday home
  • Pick and choose what services you need
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Modern management system

With it’s custom made features, Landfolk is the modern tool that makes it easy and fun to rent out.

Guests you’d love to host

We’re rated an excellent 4.7 on Trustpilot, and 96% of our hosts would love to welcome back guests again.

Earn more

Our host fee is one of the lowest in the market. You set the price, and we pay out your earnings after each booking.

Access to services

Our cleaning partners can make your place sparkle or you can clean yourself. Pick and choose what you need from booking to booking.

Full flexibility

You decide when and how often you’d like to rent out. It’s easy, free and there’s no lock-in period.

Effective marketing

Through beautiful storytelling and automated digital marketing set-up we showcase and elevate your holiday home to potential guests.

Is my holiday home right for Landfolk?

Not two holiday homes are the same, but every single holiday home on Landfolk has been handpicked based on four selection criteria. Learn more about them and if we’re a match.


Is the decor personal?

We believe that the most amazing holiday homes reflect their owners, their interests and personal style. It creates an ambiance that makes all the difference to guests.

Whether it’s a mix of fantastic recycled treasures or design classics — the most important thing is that you sense the time and energy that’s been put into decorating the home.


Is it scenic?

Location is key, and all Landfolk holiday homes provides easy access to nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. That way guests can enjoy peace and quiet or get their endorphins kick on an outdoor adventure.


Are you a passionate host?

It's not just about the holiday home. It’s just as important that you as a host are passionate about sharing your unique place with guests, so they can have memorable holidays. That you are on top of your calendar and quick to reply to booking requests. That you do your best to anticipate the needs of your guests and love to share local tips.


Is quality at center?

We’re looking for holiday homes where quality have been considered in three key aspects of the holiday experience; You can sleep well. You can eat well. You can feel content.

Quality does not equal luxury. But we love a house that’s well organised and thoroughly styled, so you have all you need for a delightful holiday.

Ready to apply?

It’s just four simple steps.

Step 1

Share photos and describe your holiday home

Step 2

We’ll schedule a call – by phone or online

Step 3

We create your holiday home profile

Step 4

Set your prices and your profile goes live

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Rent out your way

Landfolk is the modern tool for renting out your holiday home with features custom made for holiday home owners. So you can rent out the way that fits you.

Managed by Landfolk

Modern management system

Access to powerful features like our calendar, dynamic pricing and Instant Booking.

Dashboard with helpful insights

Keep track of your performance and what guests are looking for.

Tax management

Lean back and relax. We report your earnings.

Host community

Never tried hosting? Our community of hosts share their best tips.

Landfolk manages your bookings

If you just don’t have the time to manage it yourself

Excellent host support

We’re there for you every day of the week.

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What differentiates Landfolk?

We’ve made it easy for you to see the differences between Landfolk and other vacation rental platform, so you can choose the model that fits your needs the best.

Trustpilot4.7 starsTrustpilotAverage of 3.7 starsTrustpilot1.3 stars
CalendarYou have full control of your calendarYou typically have very little control of the calendarYou have full control of your calendar
Control of guestsYou have full control of who you welcome into your holiday homeAs default, you have no control of who books your holiday homeAs default, you have no control of who books your holiday home
Type of holiday homesHoliday homes that are handpicked based on four criteriaTypically all standard rental homes that don’t have too many personal thingsAll types of rental homes
Holiday home profilePersonally customised by our Host ExpertsThey fill it out for youYou have to fill it out yourself
Lock-in periodNo lock-in periodTypically a lock-in period between two months to a full yearNo lock-in period
WebsiteUser friendly website custom-made for holiday home owners and guestsTypically old websites that are difficult to navigateWebsite made for private homes in cities — not holiday homes
Type of staysShort and long stays to get closer to nature and each otherTypically fixed from Saturday-to-SaturdayAll kinds of stays
Tax managementWe report it for youThey report it for youYou need to report it

Comparison is based on public information and free offerings by top competitors as of 04/24.

Get in touch with our host experts


Reach out to our Host Expert to learn more about the benefits of renting out through Landfolk or receive guidance on setting the right price, cleaning and much more. They know exactly what’s important when you’re renting out, so to keep it short: you’re in the best hands.

Apply now,
or call a Host Expert at +45 39 39 32 02.


Firstly you share some information about your holiday home and send us photos – preferably from both outside and inside. We measure your holiday home against our 4 criteria and mindset that there's no “one size fits all”-holiday homes on Landfolk.

Once we have looked it all through, we give you a call to talk more about your holiday home and what it means to be part of Landfolk. We then tailor your holiday home profile based on the information you have given us. We make a lot of effort to convey the place you’d like to share in the best way possible. Our copywriter provides good, descriptive text, and we are also more than happy to edit your photos.

As soon as the profile is ready, you get a link to My Landfolk, where you can set your prices and update the calendar to reflect your availability, to get some good and relevant booking requests from sweet guests.

Landfolk is more than a platform for sharing holiday homes. It is a whole universe of holiday home life, unfolding across different channels – from Landfolk Stories to Instagram to our newsletter.

We want to inspire people to visit holiday homes at all times of the year and tune into a new holiday home experience. We love to celebrate every single home on Landfolk and share them far and wide – and we love when you as a host help to tell others about your Landfolk holiday home.

We know that you yourself love being in your holiday home, because that is one of the characteristics of that Landfolk holiday home. Therefore, you also decide for yourself when you want to share your holiday home with others.

That said, we would like to bet that you will be bitten by the amazing feeling it is to experience the joy of others to be allowed to live in one's holiday home. We hear this again and again from our hosts, and we think that is one of the very best things about what we do. That we all love holiday home life and share that joy with each other.

Yes you are. We do not want to tie anyone into a contract, but we hope and strive to do so well that you actually do not feel like being anywhere other than at Landfolk.

It's free to set up and be on It's only in the moment you welcome a guest that it costs you anything. Depending on which plan you're on, you pay a different host fee. If we take care of renting out your holiday home and communicating with your guests (Managed by Landfolk), you pay a 10% host fee. If you take care of everything yourself, we take a 5% host fee. In both cases, a guest fee is added to the guest's final price, as payment for our platform and services. The fees are not included VAT which will be added to both the host and the guest fee.

You always set the price for your holiday home yourself.

As a host, you decide for yourself what price you want to take to rent out your holiday home, but we are of course ready to help you. We believe that price is a dynamic quantity that depends on many things. With us, the price always includes final cleaning and consumption of water, heat and electricity.

We know that setting a price for your holiday home can be difficult. That is why we have that assists you in deciding on the basis price for your holiday home. We've also build a system that helps you set the prices according to seasons.

Once the price is set, Landfolk takes a 5% host fee from you as the host and adds a guest fee on top of the price that the guest has to pay to cover our costs.

When booking through Landfolk the price always includes consumption of water, heat and electricity (excluding EV-charging). That way, guests avoid being in doubt about what a holiday home trip is actually going to cost in the end. We’ve made it easy for you by splitting up the price in three sections: rental price, cleaning fee, and utility costs.

By working with an average price for the consumption at the coldest and warmest time of the year, it may be below the actual consumption some months and over other months, but ultimately cover your costs. We think this is a fair way to do it for both the guest and you as the host.

If you are the kind of person who always reads everything in fine print, you can find the terms and conditions for renting right here.

You can also always have a chat with someone from the Landfolk team, who will gladly explain how it all works.

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