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Discover the charming village of Gausta, nestled in the heart of Norway's stunning natural landscapes. Explore the nearby hiking trails, where you can immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the mountains and forests. Spend your days relaxing in the cozy atmosphere of this picturesque destination, making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Enjoy the view and the morning sun embraced by the green-clad valley sides with a good cup of coffee
Highlight from the host Charlotte og Carl Fredrik
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Lovely atmosphere and gorgeous views in the mountains of Rjukan

Rjukan, Norway6 guests

€259/night (19 24 August )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Exclusive offer
Gausta, Norway8 guests

-5%€444 €422/night (23 28 July )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Rjukan, Norway8 guests

€363/night (11 16 August )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

New gem
Tuddal, Norway8 guests

€298/night (6 11 August )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Exclusive offer
Tuddal, Norway8 guests

-5%€312 €296/night (10 15 August )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Rjukan, Norway8 guests

€283/night (25 30 July )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Exclusive offer
Telemark, Norway8 guests

-5%€223 €212/night (23 28 July )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

Rjukan, Norway14 guests

€433/night (23 28 July )

incl. utility costs, cleaning and insurance

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Words from happy guests

The cabin was the most beautiful and cozy we have experienced in a uniquely beautiful location. Especially that the emphasis of the decor and interior was on coziness and the feeling of a homely relaxing atmosphere where we felt welcome and comfortable.

Niels from Denmark

Stay for 5 adults and 1 pet

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