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Here are the five most important characteristics of a Landfolk summer house

At Landfolk, the summer house is not just a backdrop for an unforgettable holiday, but part of the experience itself. That's why we spend time finding and handpicking the most exceptional places for our community, creating a connection between people and the beautiful countryside right outside the door.

All of our summer houses have passionate owners who take pride in their unique homes and thoroughly enjoy sharing it with guests to bring joy to their vacation.

Here are the five most important characteristics of a Landfolk summer house.

Personal decor makes for personalised summer houses

Personal decor

We celebrate personality. We believe that the most amazing summer houses reflect their owners, their interests and personal style.

Whether it’s a mix of fantastic recycled finds or tasteful Danish design classics - the most important thing is that you sense that time and energy have been spent on decorating the home. That’s what makes being in a summer house meaningful: the meticulous attention to detail and that the place has a soul.

Personal decor

Nature, nature, nature

Summer houses on Landfolk provide access to nature, so if you're looking for peace and quiet or for outdoor adventures, there's a home for you. Whether you long for the beach, the forest or a hilly landscape, common for all summer houses is closeness to nature and distance to the rush and buzz of city life.

A passionate host who loves good hospitality

It's not just about the summer house. It is just as important to have a passionate host who loves to spend time in the summer house themselves and put a lot of thought into all interior design decisions. Who enjoys that their sanctuary is enjoyed by others as well when they do not have the chance to be there themselves. And who appreciates being part of a community with other hosts, where they are able to get inspiration and share learnings and advice.

As a host, you are generous in spirit, enjoy hospitality and do your best to anticipate the needs of your guests and share your own local recommendations. You find rare joy in small, thoughtful surprises like freshly picked flowers on the kitchen table or a chilled white wine in the fridge.

Great hosts
You eat well
You sleep well

Quality and solutions that work

In a Landfolk summer house, aesthetics and quality have been considered in all aspects of the summer house experience. Of course, the details of each summer house are different and every home provides a unique experience. But there are three things that are especially important in a Landfolk summer house;

  • You sleep well. That means that the mattress, duvet, pillow and bedding are of good quality.
  • You eat well. This means that there is plenty of tableware, functional glasses and a fully equipped kitchen for guests to be able to explore their culinary skills.
  • You feel content. The house is well organised and thoroughly styled. The atmosphere is nice and it is a pleasure to spend time there.

It is important to point out that quality for us does not equal luxury. We love inherited furniture with patina. We love summer houses that are undergoing a transformation. And we also love summer houses, where simplicity provides space for quietude and contemplation.

We do not do “one size fits all”

Summer house life is very dear to us and we know that some homes are perfect for families with children, while others are best suited for a romantic get-away. It is a huge plus when summer houses are particularly well-suited for a certain type of trip.

It means a lot to us at Landfolk to have a wide variety of summer houses on the platform and we do our utmost to highlight what each home is best suited for. We try to point out the details - whether it’s an armchair perfectly positioned to enjoy a sunset or an outdoor shower, ideal after a day at the beach.


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