Essence of Danish summer: 7 cycling routes you don’t want to miss out on

Imagine gliding through sand dunes on the west coast, fairy-tale landscapes on Funen dotted with castles and orchards or the fragrant Heatherhill in the north. It’s not without reason that cycling has blossomed into being a national identity in Denmark, and in this article, you’ll find everything you need to experience Denmark like a true local. So, get your bike ready to pedal through the stunning Danish landscapes guided by warm summer winds.

As summer, with its endless days, fresh local produce and time to reset and relax with our loved ones, approaches, there's truly no destination more captivating for the discerning cyclist than Denmark – a land where two wheels reign supreme. Cycling here isn't merely a mode of transportation; it’s a cultural emblem, a historical narrative, and a sublime way to explore this Scandinavian summer gem. Denmark’s love affair with the bicycle began in earnest in the late 19th century, as industrialization paved the way for urban commuters seeking efficiency and elegance. This passion has since blossomed into a national identity, with an impeccable network of cycling routes that weave through the blooming fields in the countryside, along the characteristic serene coastlines, and into the heart of its charming cities. Explore our holiday homes with bikes.

1. ‘Vestkystruten’ – Experience the characteristic west coast

Stretched between Skagen in the north and Rudbøl in the south, this 562 km long route offers incredible scenery regardless where you start and end your journey. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Wadden Sea, explore the characteristic dune landscape in Thy National Park and stop along the way to visit all the cultural gems, ice cream shops, light towers, charming old towns, beaches and bakeries your heart desires.


Explore all the beautiful houses on the west coast.

2. ‘Bornholm rundt’ – Enjoy the unique landscapes of Bornholm

Stunning beaches, charming bakeries, local produce and delicacies, deep forests, captivating historical sites like the Hammerhus Castle Ruin and incredible coastlines. The sunshine island Bornholm really has it all. The 104 km route that leads you around the entire island is dotted with wonderful experiences for the whole family. Do the whole route or explore from your Landfolk holiday home in Bornholm.


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3. ‘Østkystruten’ – Explore life by the sea on the east coast

The east coast of Jutland offers scenic fjords, peaceful bays and open water, but without the harsh winds of the North Sea. Set out from your holiday home and explore the varied landscape, local bakeries and ice cream shops, and calm beaches or visit sights like Juelsminde Naturlegepark and Saksild Strand with the little ones.


Discover the holiday homes on the east coast.

4. ‘Nordkystruten’ – Enjoy quiet days in the north

Follow the cycling route between the charming coastal towns like Gilleleje and Hundested, and indulge in everything from breathtaking views, local cuisine, stunning beaches and visit places like the Søren Kierkegaard stone, Heatherhill and Knud Rasmussen's house. The Danish summer paradise in the north is a beautiful destination for a holiday with the whole family to relax and enjoy slow days at the beach together.


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5. ‘Østersøruten’ - Enjoy a unique look at history and nature

The Baltic Sea Route is an 820 km route that offers a unique way to experience Denmark's nature, lifestyle, history and culture. The route looks like a figure eight, and you explore small parts of it as day trips from your holiday home or book Landfolk homes along the way to experience it all. Explore historic castles, charming market towns and extraordinary nature experiences, and enjoy the local specialties. Just remember to look out at sea – you might spot dolphins on your way.


6. ‘Herregårdsruten’ – Explore the cultural heritage route on Funen

Funen was the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, and is an island dotted with castles, beautiful estates and historical landmarks. This route takes you past 18 of them, including Skovsgaard – where you can stay in one of the three holiday homes that are part of the collaboration between Landfolk and Nature Destination Skovsgaard. Then, you will simultaneously be supporting their rewilding- and nature conservation initiatives, while waking up surrounded by stunning landscapes and local wildlife.


Experience Kågården, stay at Lundstedet or enjoy a getaway at Påøgård.

7. Panorama Route 422 – Take the Family Exploring

With its stunning landscapes and small peaceful roads, Møn is the perfect destination for a family adventure on the bike. Here, your day trips will be filled with cultural and historical sights, deep forests, ice cream at the beach, stunning nature and lots for the family to explore.

Panorama Route 422

Discover the holiday homes on Møn.

Denmark’s meticulously maintained cycle paths — spanning over 12,000 kilometers — offer an unrivaled combination of natural beauty and historical intrigue, making it a premier summer destination for anyone who wants to explore its gorgeous summer landscape.

And whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking your next great adventure or just feel drawn by the allure of the Nordic charm, Denmark invites you to embark on a journey where every pedal stroke is steeped in the essence of summer, and a touch of hygge. This summer, let the warm Danish winds guide you through a cycling experience like no other.

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Guro Sofie Ulsaker Nordahl
Written by Guro Sofie Ulsaker NordahlMay 2024
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