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Sculpture Park in Görzhausen

In the heart of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern lies a unique sculpture park in Görzhausen, run by the artist Wilfried Duwentester. Imagine an exhibition space under the open sky, a path you can follow and not only experience artworks but also breathe in the nature - right in the middle of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Artist Wilfried Duwentester | Landfolk

In the footsteps of Count Graf Schlitz.
Back in the early 19th century, Count Hans Graf von Schlitz was drawn to the area and surrounded his newly constructed Schlitz Castle with an extraordinary park. Graf Schlitz planted a diverse range of trees, including exotic species, and laid out walking paths. A total of 36 monuments were erected: columns, obelisks, grottoes, and even lakes. It was also during this time that Görzhausen was founded – today, it serves as the center for the new sculpture trail that takes shape between Görzhausen and Schlitz Castle.

Hvass&Hannibal | Landfolk

The art and the landscape.
In the late 1990s, artists Wilfried Duwentester and Bernd Uiberall embraced the count's idea and breathed new life into it with modern sculptures. These sculptures "live" in the open, engaging in a dialogue with the vast landscape and the existing cultural landscape that has been shaped by human hands for centuries and yet contains a strong, almost effervescent, natural beauty.

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Sculpture park | Landfolk

The sculpture park is fundamentally built on the idea that artists incorporate the existing landscape into the creation of their works. As a visitor, you can listen to the dialogue that emerges between the landscape and the art. Each visit to the sculpture park is unique, as different weather conditions and seasons give the landscape an entirely new character, so even the same location with the same sculpture can offer a variety of impressions.

"We don't take anything away, we don't alter the landscape. We simply add... and the cows continue to graze.."
Wilfried Duwentester

Experience Gallery DUWENTESTER
As part of the Sculpture Park, you can visit Wilfried Duwentester at his gallery located right in his own home. The works in the gallery encompass everything from abstract paintings to large wooden sculptures, photographs, and everything in between.

Gallery DUWENTESTER | Landfolk

The Sculpture Park in Görzhausen is more than just an exhibition of artworks. It is a living encounter between nature and creativity, an oasis of inspiration and reflection, driven by Wilfried Duwentester's vision and respect for the surrounding landscape.

Camilla Swartz Primdahl
Written by Camilla Swartz PrimdahlSeptember 2023
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