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The Karstad family's weekend in Norway

Chef Mikkel Karstad and executive secretary Camilla Karstad from Østerbro embarked on an extended weekend trip with two of their four children to a Landfolk cabin south of Oslo in Norway. Read about what they did, see the delicious food they prepared, their top three favourite things about the cabin they stayed in and where they dream of going next.

How did you reach the cabin?

We drove from Copenhagen through Malmö and Gothenburg to Onsøy. It took us about 6 hours with a single stop. Taking the car was very convenient, and it allowed us to bring some supplies from home so that we could make the most of our time when we arrived at the cabin. Instead of starting with grocery shopping, we could just settle in, unpack a bit, have lunch together and plan the rest of the day.

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Since our cabin was located about 300-400 meters away from where you can park the car, we recommend arriving at the house during daylight. Otherwise, it might be challenging to find your way. The hosts had provided two wheelbarrows to transport luggage to the house. That was a great help.

What were your three favourite things about the cabin?

First and foremost, definitely the view of the water. It's a completely different natural environment compared to Denmark. Secondly, the ease of access to the water for swimming. In fact, we took a morning dip every day while we were there, something we also love to do when we're at our own summer house in Denmark. The third and final thing was the well-equipped kitchen and the lovely outdoor fireplace – perfect for cooking delicious meals. At the same time, you could sit under the canopy and enjoy the evening warmth from the fireplace.

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What did you experience in the local area?

We visited the old town of Fredrikstad and took a ride on the city ferry, which was free. We went to Viken and saw the fishing harbour. We also visited Skauen Gård, where we bought fresh vegetables and picked blueberries.

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You went fishing. How did you find a good fishing spot?

We had brought fishing rods and gear from home and then ventured out to the cliffs near the cabin. It's all about spotting a good spot, and when we came across a local person fishing, we tried that spot. However, we didn't catch much except for a lot of seaweed.

alt text

Instead, we went diving for oysters afterward and found plenty on the rocks, which we took home and enjoyed. With oysters, it's important to pay attention to the season and temperature, as well as their freshness when you open them. We also ended up enjoying a delicious halibut that we bought from the local fishmonger. We marinated it with some herbs from the raised bed near the cabin, along with olive oil and lemon. We grilled it over wood and fresh juniper from the forest, and it tasted delightful.

alt text

You went foraging. Is there anything special that Norway's nature has to offer in the autumn?

We went foraging for mushrooms and found both chanterelles and porcini mushrooms very close to the cabin. Right now, it's the season for mushrooms, juniper berries, blackberries, and lingonberries.

alt text

You traveled with your older children. Do you have any tips for making it a good trip for everyone?

We always start the day by making a plan. So everyone can choose what they want to do. Generally, our children love being in nature, foraging, and being by the water for swimming and diving. However, they have grown up now and can also do things on their own if they wish. We also love cooking together, and in the evenings, we often play a game.

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Is there anything you would like to highlight about booking through Landfolk?

The kind hosts! They were quick to answer the questions we had before we arrived at the cabin. When we got there, they had left a welcome letter and a little gift for us. The hosts also provided a very informative guide to the house and the local area, which we used to discover the unique things you should know about.

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Where is your next trip going to be?

We dream of returning to Norway when the snow has fallen and staying in a lovely cabin with cross-country ski trails right outside the door.

Camilla Swartz Primdahl
Written by Camilla Swartz PrimdahlSeptember 2023
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