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Guide: The Best Ski Destinations in Norway

Breathtaking views, steep slopes, and snow reliability. There are many reasons why Norway is one of the most popular winter destinations. But how do you actually find the perfect destination for you and your family?

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There are many ski destinations in Norway, and with the vast diversity of terrain and slopes, there are plenty of exciting options to choose from, regardless of whether you're young or old, a beginner or experienced. These destinations not only offer fantastic slopes but also have extensive cross-country trails for those of you who desire a more tranquil day in the mountains.

In this guide, you'll find everything you need to choose the perfect ski destination for you.

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Only a few hours outside of Oslo, you'll find Gudbrandsdalen, which is in close proximity to not only one but four fantastic ski resorts. This leaves you with lots of exciting options for the whole family.
Hafjell Alpinsenter is located 15 km north of Lillehammer. Here, you'll find a total of 33 slopes, 17 ski lifts, and a total of 857 metres of elevation to enjoy. The family area Mosetertoppen is among the best in the Nordics, and it's no wonder that Hafjell is often referred to as the childrens’ favourite. However, Hafjell is not just an exciting destination for the youngest. The many slopes offer challenges at all levels, and for the most experienced, you’ll have the option to explore the intense alpine challenges in the Olympic slopes.

In the area around Hafjell, you’ll find lots of stunning Landfolk cabins, so there are plenty of opportunities to find a wonderful place to spend your holiday. Whether you prefer traditional cabins with grass on the roof, stylish modern design, cabins with enough beds for the whole extended family or clean lines, beautiful materials, and stunning aesthetics.

Ski holiday in Hafjell Suitable for: The whole family
Especially fun for: The youngest – Hafjell is a favourite for children, but also the most experienced, who can take on the Olympic slopes
Slopes: 12 green, 7 blue, 9 red, and 1 black slope
Season start: December
Location: 2 hours from Oslo, 4 hours from Larvik
Other: Shares a ski pass with Kvitfjell, popular après-ski

Explore all the beautiful Landfolk cabins in Hafjell here.

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Kvitfjell Alpine Centre is located 45 minutes north of Lillehammer and, with its three mountain sides, is a paradise for both large and small skiers. Here, you'll find 34 km of slopes over 854 meters of elevation with challenges for all skill levels. This is a destination where you'll experience more peace and quiet than at some of the others and is known for excellent conditions, fewer tourists, and fantastic eateries. The longest slope is a full 3,500 meters long, and with several options for the youngest family members, along with three black slopes, there's plenty for the whole family to enjoy.

In Kvitfjell, you'll find beautiful Landfolk cabins that are particularly well-suited for those who want to travel in larger groups and enjoy ski-in/ski-out access and modern cabin gems with room for the entire extended family.

Ski holiday in Kvitfjell Suitable for: The whole family
Slopes: 7 green, 10 blue, 6 red, and 3 black slopes
Season start: November
Location: 3 hours from Oslo, 5 hours from Larvik
Other: Shares a ski pass with Hafjell

Find the perfect cabin for your family in Kvitfjell.

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Sjusjøen Skisenter Natrudstilen is located in the heart of Sjusjøen, a skiing paradise just 20 km east of Lillehammer. This destination offers everything from a children's area with its own lift for the little ones in the family, with proximity to Eftasbakken as the natural next step. But you'll also find steep black slopes and a park with rails, boxes, jumps, and other challenges.

In Sjusjøen, you'll also find many charming Landfolk cabins that can set the stage for your holiday. Enjoy a selection of both traditional cabin ambiance and modern cabin gems with room for the whole family. Sjusjøen boasts one of the country's most impressive cross-country skiing networks, which can be a delightful change of pace from the excitement on the slopes. Many of the cabins here have cross-country skiing tracks almost right outside the door.

Ski holiday in Sjusjøen Suitable for: The whole family
Slopes: 3 green, 2 blue, 1 red, and 2 black slopes
Season start: December
Location: 2 hours from Oslo, 4 hours from Larvik

Find your dream cabin in Sjusjøen.

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Gålå Alpin and Aktiv is located in Gudbrandsdalen, an hour north of Lillehammer, and offers exciting challenges for the whole family. Here, the focus is on shared experiences as a family. There are no black slopes, but you'll find an exciting alpine park with tracks and challenges for those who are a bit more ambitious. This is not a destination that offers the thrill many experienced skiers might seek, but it's the perfect setting for a wonderful family holiday.

This exceptional Landfolk cabin with room for 16 guests is also the perfect place to spend your days together, with a lovely location and breathtaking views. If high-quality materials and traditional cabin ambiance in modern surroundings are at the top of your wishlist, this cabin is a lovely choice.

Ski holiday in Gålå Suitable for: The whole family
Slopes: 1 green, 3 blue, 2 red slopes
Season start: November
Location: 2 hours from Oslo, 4 hours from Larvik

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Trysil is unarguably the largest alpine area in Norway and is built around Trysilfjellet. If variety, exciting experiences, and new adventures for the whole family are at the top of your wishlist, Trysil, and the 69 different slopes it offers, is a perfect destination. You’ll find ski schools for the youngest members of the family, as well as steep slopes that are demanding enough for the most ambitious.

Trysil is the largest in the country, and finding the perfect cabin to set the stage for your trip is where you should begin. With room for 16 guests, this cozy cabin gem can be the backdrop for your winter holiday. You can also choose from luxurious comfort in traditional surroundings, cabins with room for the whole extended family in delightful settings, cabins in immediate proximity to the slopes or ski-in/ski-out.

Ski holiday in Trysil Suitable for: The whole family
Especially fun for: The most experienced, there are many steep slopes and fun challenges. Slopes: Trysil is divided into four areas, each offering different options, from children's areas and green slopes to black slopes down the mountainside in Høgegga
Season start: December
Location: 3 hours from Oslo, 4 hours from Larvik
Other: Spa, popular après-ski

Find your Landfolk cabin in Trysil.

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The Norwegian mountain landscape is teeming with ski destinations, and one that tops the list for many is Geilo.

Geilo is a fantastic ski destination that offers countless opportunities for both kids and adults. Here, you can truly challenge yourself on the steepest downhill slopes, enjoy the day at the ski school, explore the many children's areas, or test your skills in the terrain parks. The slopes are located in various valley sides, and there are ski buses that can quickly and easily transport you between the different slopes.

If you want to plan a trip to Geilo, there are many beautiful cabins to choose from. With room for 9 guests, this modern log cabin with a lovely view and great skiing opportunities is a great fit for the extended family. If you want to feel that the beautiful nature is a part of the interior, this beautiful cabin is a good choice. And if the traditional atmosphere of norwegian cabin coziness is at the top of your wishlist, this beautiful log cabin is the one for you.

Ski holiday in Geilo Suitable for: The whole family
Especially fun for: Families with children
Slopes: Geilo offers a total of 46 descents, 4 children's areas, and 2 terrain parks, so there are great opportunities for all levels
Season start: December
Location: 3.5 hours from Oslo, 4 hours from Larvik
Other: Ski school for both kids and adults, where you can learn snowboarding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and telemark

Explore all the Landfolk cabins in Geilo here.

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The Norwegian mountains have an abundance of great skiing opportunities, and a little further south, there are two fantastic destinations: Hemsedal and Valdres. These are popular alpine areas that offer quite different experiences. In addition, they are only an hour's drive apart, so it's easy to split your days if you want to satisfy different needs – perhaps a quieter day in Valdres feels wonderful after a few days of more challenging slopes in Hemsedal.

Hemsedal is a popular destination for experienced skiers and snowboarders who want more difficult slopes, and the resort is built around three mountain peaks, which means that you’ll find incredible opportunities for the whole family. You will find a wide variety of slopes, making the destination especially suitable for those who want to feel the rush of adrenaline. There are 51 slopes here, with the longest uninterrupted run taking you 6 km from the top to the bottom of the resort.

Ski holiday in Hemsedal Suitable for: The whole family
Especially fun for: The most experienced – there are many fun challenges here Slopes: A wide range of slopes, but especially exciting for those who want more difficult slopes
Season start: December
Location: 3 hours from Oslo, 4,5 hours from Larvik
Other: Off-piste

Find your dream cabin in Hemsedal.

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Vaset in Valdres offers a fun and delightful day in the snow for the whole family. This is a smaller resort with various activities. Try professional sleds in the 1200-meter long sled run, go off-piste in Bjørneskogen, or enjoy time with your kids in the children's area - which has its own ski lift.

There are many cabins in the area with beautiful views and a cozy atmosphere, and cabins with room for the whole extended family or group of friends. Choose between stylish modern cabins, breathtaking views and beautiful architecture, beautiful clean lines and a cozy atmosphere, enough room for the whole family, traditional surroundings and beautiful views in a cozy setting.

Ski holiday in Valdres Suitable for: The whole family
Especially fun for: Families – there are several fun opportunities focused on the family
Slopes: 6 different slopes, from children's slopes to advanced, but there are no black slopes
Season start: December
Location: 3 hours from Oslo, 4 hours from Larvik
Other: Professional sleds, snowboard park

Find a beautiful Landfolk cabin in Vaset or explore all the cabins in Valdres here.

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Gausta Just a short drive from Oslo, you'll find two popular destinations with ample opportunity for a wonderful day in the mountains.

Gausta Ski Resort is located near Gaustatoppen, which means you'll not only have enjoyable family days in the snow but also stunning views of Telemark's tallest mountain. Here, you can enjoy 36 slopes, have your kids attend ski school, and experience the adrenaline rush through your body down the steep black slopes.

Enjoy breathtaking view of Gaustatoppen with alpine areas almost right outside the door, or a gorgeous cabin with space for the whole extended family at Gaustablikk. If ski-in/ski-out for cross-country skiing is tempting, there are wonderful opportunities for this too.

Ski holiday in Gausta Suitable for: The whole family
Slopes: Here, there are slopes for all skill levels, and good opportunities to both enjoy yourselves on the easier slopes and seek more difficult challenges on the black slopes
Season start: December
Location: 3 hours from Oslo, 3 hours from Larvik

Explore all the beautiful cabins in Gausta here.

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Norefjell is a popular alpine destination for the whole family, with children's slopes, green slopes for beginners, and off-piste skiing and steep black slopes for those seeking a truly challenging descent down the mountainsides. The wide range of offerings makes this destination a good choice for both experienced skiers and beginners.

With majestic views of water and mountains, this lovely Landfolk cabin is just one of many beautiful cabins in Norefjell that you can choose from. This wonderful cabin with room for the whole family and a cozy atmosphere, might be the ideal place for your holiday.

Ski holiday in Norefjell Suitable for: The whole family
Especially fun for: The more experienced, where you can go off-piste and enjoy extra steep slopes
Slopes: 30 slopes that include all skill levels – from children's slopes to challenging black slopes and off-piste
Season start: December
Location: 2 hours from Oslo, 2.5 hours from Larvik
Other: Off-piste, popular après-ski

Choose your Landfolk cabin in Norefjell here.

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The Norwegian mountain wilderness is exceptional both in the summer and in the winter. Perhaps one of the best aspects of the Norwegian mountains is that you'll find beautiful ski conditions almost no matter where you choose to go. You can therefore safely make the Landfolk cabin of your dreams be the starting point for finding the perfect ski destination.

Even though the most famous ski resorts are in the mountains in the East, there are many other beautiful destinations you don't want to miss. Fidjeland Ski Resort is just one of these, and we encourage you to explore the areas around the cabins you've fallen in love with.
Fidjeland Ski Resort is located near Stavanger, only a 3-hour drive from Kristiansand and is a beautiful destination for the whole family. Explore all the wonderful things you can do together as a family.

Ski holiday in Fidjeland Suitable for: The whole family
Slopes: A separate children's lift and nice slopes at different skill levels, but no truly challenging slopes for the most experienced.
Season start: December
Location: 3 hours from Kristiansand, 5 hours from Larvik

Experience this exceptional cabin, where you can put on your skis and step right into the slopes, or enjoy the traditional Norwegian cabin atmosphere in Sirdal.

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5 Tips for Your Trip

  1. Plan well in advance so that you can ensure that your dream Landfolk cabin is still available. Inside the cabin profiles, you can see which ski resorts are nearby.
  2. There can be significant variations between ski resorts, so select a destination based on your skill levels and ambitions. Some ski passes can be used at multiple ski resorts, making it easier to satisfy both beginners and more experienced skiers.
  3. Cabins with ski-in/ski-out access offer a unique advantage. You can put on your skis on the terrace and ski directly onto the slopes.
  4. Consider your equipment before you go. If you plan to rent, you can often book in advance to ensure you get what you need. Most ski resorts offer rental services.
  5. There are many more ski resorts than those mentioned here. If you've fallen in love with a Landfolk cabin that’s not in close proximity to any of these resorts, search for resorts in the area.
Guro Sofie Ulsaker Nordahl
Written by Guro Sofie Ulsaker NordahlOctober 2023
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