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Meet the team

A glimpse of who we are.

Camilla Swartz Primdahl


Wedding blogger, animal lover and crazy about Danish design


Cathrine K. Reimann


Coffee drinker, bookworm. Enjoys sleeping in shelters

Mette Riis Jensen

Customer Support

Gardening, basketball and travel

Lars Kloster Silkjær


Kayaking, do-it-yourself and collecting experiences

Chris Kjær Sørensen

Software Engineer

Gardening, coffee and a good book.

Jonas Grau

Software Engineer

Sailor, drone builder and family man

Søren Østergaard

Product Manager and Software Engineer

House and garden man, beer brewer and smart-home enthusiast

Anders Boelskifte Mogensen

Business Development

Passionate AGF fan, urge to create and entrepreneurship, all things extraordinary

Christian Schwarz Lausten


Loves a good board game, fishing and going for a run in the forest

Camilla Wegener

Creative Content Producer

Big time coffee nerd, proud bonvivant, crazy about words

Kirstine Sommer

Creative Content Producer

Loves nature, crazy about dogs and visual esthetician

Freja Ravn

Community Organizer

Family person, big consumer of theater experiences and false-whistling pianist

Julia Hagensby Nygaard

Community Organizer

Second-hand enthusiast, newbie seamstress and experience creator

Camilla Bakmand

Customer Support

Enjoys long walks by the water and forest, amateur-cozy paintings and everything sweet

Camilla Rahbæk

Customer Support

Competitive person, enjoys activities in and on the water and loves experiences

Kit Bøhnke


Semi-country girl and family woman who enjoys all the good things in life and sees the world in pictures.

Majbritt Magnussen

Community Organizer

"Hygge", family sailing in a sailboat and enjoy nature with a dog or MTB

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