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Locations with inspiring summer houses

We have handpicked Landfolk summer houses in these locations for those looking for something special


Take a look at our handpicked holiday homes in the historic trading town of Ebeltoft, which is beautifully located by Mols Bjerge National Park. Here you and your family can explore the Frigate Jutland, eat ice cream in the townsquare next to the old town hall or enjoy the quiet sunset over the city's roofs.


Here you’ll find all our summer houses in Odsherred, which is one of the most popular holiday areas in Denmark. Enjoy mountain biking, go for a hike or just relax in the beautiful Danish nature.


Tisvildeleje is an authentic old holiday village located in North Zealand. Take a look at our many lovely summer houses nearby and go for a walk in the wonderful woods of Tisvilde Hegn.

Nykøbing Sjælland

We’ve created a collection of summer houses near Nykøbing Sjælland, which is one of the oldest market towns in Denmark. Here you can go shopping for lots of Danish specialties.

Sjællands Odde

Take a look at our summer houses on Sjællands Odde. Inhale the clean air and go for a long walk on the scenic coast.


Here you’ll find a selection of cosy summer houses in Rørvig. In the traditional fishing town you can experience the cosy harbour, scenic landscapes and the famous annual crab fishing.

Sejerø Bay

Take a look at our summer houses near Sejerø Bay, which is located in the popular Odsherred and is one of the most scenic stretches of coasts in Denmark. The historic ice age landscape makes it an adventure for the whole family.


Enjoy our collection of lovely summer houses in Skagen, which is the most northern town in Jutland. Follow in the footsteps of the famous Skagen painters, take in the significant nature experiences around Grenen and Råbjerg Mile and walk around the historic old town Gl. Skagen.

North Zealand

Experience the many coastal towns in North Zealand from one of Landfolk’s holiday homes near Gilleleje, Tisvildeleje or Vejby Strand.

Vejby Strand

Enjoy our collection of holiday homes close to Vejby Strand located in North Zealand. Go for a hike in Heather Hill and enjoy the panoramic sea view.

Veddinge Bakker

In the area of Veddinge Bakker, you’ll find beautiful natural landscapes and lots of activities for the whole family. The beautiful hilly terrain and vibrant sea invite you to everything from hiking, fishing, and windsurfing.

National Park Thy

Are you looking for extraordinary nature experiences? See our collection of summer houses in and close to National Park Thy, which is one of the most scenic natural landscapes in Denmark due to the historic ice age.


See our summer houses in Hornbæk located in North Zealand. Here you’ll experience Danish art, culture and authentic, idyllic atmospheres.

Asserbo Plantage

See our collection of summer houses, cottages and retreats near Asserbo Plantage. Explore the significant woodland scenery or visit the coastal towns Tisvildeleje and Liseleje nearby.


Take a look at our holiday homes near the old fishing town Gilleleje. Here you’ll experience an authentic Danish harbour, lovely sandy beaches and relaxation for the whole family.


Take a look at our finest holiday homes near Dronningmølle, which is located on the coast of North Zealand. Visit the many historical towns along the Danish Riviera or find peace and quiet in the beautiful landscape surrounding Dronningmølle.


Let the beautiful peninsula Hornsherred between Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord be your next getaway destination. Experience the local neighborhood or take the ferry to the Island Orø nearby.

West Zealand

See our collection of summer houses in the west-central part of Zealand. Explore the Viking history in Roskilde or just enjoy relaxation with your family.


Here you’ll find all of our lovely summer houses on Sealand. Experience the beautiful sea in North Zealand, the UNESCO World Heritage site Stevns Klint in the south or the scenic landscape at Sjællands Odde or Odsherred.

The North Sea

Do you crave fresh air and sandy toes? Then take a look at our summer houses at the North Sea, which is one of Denmark’s most scenic coastlines. Wake up to the sound of the sea and let the children play in the dunes.

Skallerup Klit

See Landfolk’s collection of summer houses close to Skallerup Klit. Enjoy the fresh air from the North Sea, let the kids play in the dunes or go for a long walk.

The Limfjord

Here you’ll find a selection of summer houses near the Limfjord. This is a wonderful location, where you can experience beautiful nature and rich wildlife.

North Jutland

Take a look at our many summer houses, cottages and retreats in North Jutland. Experience Danish art history in beautiful Skagen, windsurf in Cold Hawaii, or enjoy the significant nature in National Park Thy.


Do you dream of a true fairy tale? Then you’ll have to visit Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown Odense. We’ve created a collection of summer houses not far from Odense, where you’ll get the full authentic experience of the Danish fairy tales.

Saksild Beach

Do you ever dream of white beaches and clear water? Go experience the beautiful and child-friendly beaches near Saksild Strand and spend the night in one of Landfolk’s wonderful summer houses.

Central Jutland

Take a look at our wonderful summer houses in Central Jutland. Want to enjoy a hike in Rebild Bakker, along Gudenåen or the view of the Limfjord? You’ll find just the right holiday home for your family here.

West Jutland

Are you looking for the perfect place for your next holiday? The west coast offers a wonderful setting for your holiday in Denmark. Maybe you can find a summer house in our collection that suits you perfectly?

Mols Bjerge

Take a look at our summer houses in Mols Bjerge National Park, which offers one of the most extraordinary landscapes in Denmark. Experience the incredible nature and wild horses in beautiful Mols Bjerge or hike around Helgenæs.


Møns Klint is one of the most spectacular nature experiences in Denmark. Experience that and much more of what the island has to offer with a getaway to one of Landfolk's holiday homes on Møn.


Enjoy a collection of our summer houses on Bornholm. Here you can enjoy the ruins of Hammershus, the beautiful landscape near Helligdomsklipperne and visit the many cities around the island where the sun always shines.


Are you looking for a wonderful place in Denmark to spend your holiday? We’ve created a selection of wonderful holiday homes from all over Jutland, where you can enjoy spectacular nature experiences along the west coast, in national park Mols Bjerge, or at Limfjorden.

South Sea Islands

Here you’ll find all of our summer houses at the South Sea Islands, which offer some of the best and most child-friendly beaches in Denmark.

The South Funen Archipelago

Take a look at the wonderful summer houses around the islands in the South Funen Archipelago. Enjoy a walk in the old market town, Ærø, bike around in the beautiful nature or go visit the lovely islands with a beautiful ferry trip.

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