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Share your summer house

Do you love your summer house and would you like to share it with others? Tell us about your place and apply to become one of Landfolk's hand-picked summer houses.

Five good reasons

Help through entire process

We guide you from start to finish and help create the perfect profile for you and your summer house

World class photography

Have beautiful photos of your summer house taken by our talented photographer – completely free of charge

Flexibility and full control

No lock-in period and you decide when, how often and to whom you want to rent out to

Low fees

As a host, you pay 5% of your earnings, while a guest fee of 15% is added to the final price

Tax-free earnings

Get access to the standard Danish tax deduction (42,700 DKK in 2021) when you rent out through Landfolk

What characterizes a Landfolk home?

We enjoy embracing vastly different houses - common for all are the proud summer house owners behind each place. Landfolk summer houses also have:


Access to nature

Great hosts

Quality solutions

Learn more about our five characteristics

You are in good company

Previously, we never really considered sharing our summer house with others, but Landfolk just makes so much sense. We can share it in a flexible way, stay in control and we know that the people behind Landfolk share our passion and love for summer house life and nature.

Kirstine Gravgaard, summer house owner in Hjarbæk

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Firstly you share some information about your summer house and send us photos – preferably from both outside and inside. Once we have looked it all through, we give you a call to talk more about your summer house and what it means to be part of Landfolk. We then tailor your summer house profile based on the information you have given us. We make a lot of effort to convey the place you’d like to share in the best way possible. Our copywriter provides a good, descriptive text, and we are also more than happy to edit your own photos.

As soon as the profile is ready, you get a link to My Landfolk, where you can set your prices and update the calendar to reflect your availability, to get some good and relevant booking requests from sweet guests.

Your summer house should look just as fantastic on Landfolk as it actually is. A photoshoot at your summer house should give an honest impression to potential guests and ensure a consistent look for the Landfolk universe. We strive to send a photographer as soon as possible to take photos of your summer house which may be used on Landfolk and in our marketing initiatives.

Landfolk is more than a platform for sharing summer houses. It is a whole universe of summer house life, unfolding across different channels – from our Journal to Instagram to our newsletter.

We want to inspire people to visit summer houses at all times of the year and tune into a new summer house experience. We love to celebrate every single home on Landfolk and share them far and wide – and we love when you as a host help to tell others about your Landfolk summer house.

We know that you yourself love being in your summer house, because that is one of the characteristics of that Landfolk sumemr house. Therefore, you also decide for yourself when you want to share your summer house with others.

That said, we would like to bet that you will be bitten by the amazing feeling it is to experience the joy of others to be allowed to live in one's summer house. We hear this again and again from our hosts, and we think that is one of the very best things about what we do. That we all love holiday home life and share that joy with each other.

Yes you can. We don't believe in tying anyone down with a contract, but instead strive to create such a good experience that you won't actually want to be listed anywhere else.

We know that some people like to be in charge of preparing the home for guests, while others feel it can be a hassle to go to the home both before and after a rental. Therefore, we leave it entirely up to you whether you want to be responsible for the preparation and cleaning of your summer house or whether you would rather outsource that to us.

At Landfolk, the price paid by guests always includes preparation and final cleaning. If you clean your own summer house, you decide on an appropriate cleaning fee and that amount will be included in your total price. Alternatively, we will set the cleaning fee amount and settle directly with the guest if you want us to be responsible for cleaning.

When in doubt about what is expected of a prepared and cleaned home, please take a look at our preparation and cleaning guides.

It is entirely free to sign up and join When you welcome your first guest, our 5% host fee will be deducted from your earnings. These fees cover all the services we offer like photography, marketing, handling of payments as well as customer support.

You always set the price for your summer house yourself.

Landfolk is registered as a rental agency, and as a host you will therefore have access to the full basic deduction for summer house rental, corresponding to DKK 42,700 in 2021.

As a host, you decide what you want to charge when you share your summer house. But we are standing by to help and guide you. We believe that your best price is dynamic, depending on a multitude of factors. At Landfolk, the final price always includes cleaning fees and utility costs such as water, heat and electricity.

We know that setting a price for your summer house can be difficult. That is why we have written an article (in Danish) that assists you in deciding on the basis price for your summer house. We've also build a system that helps you set the prices according to seasons.

Once you have set the price, Landfolk will deduct a 5% host fee and add an additional 15% guest fee on top of your price. These fees cover the payment for our platform as well as the services we provide.

When booking through Landfolk the price always includes consumption of water, heat and electricity. That way, guests avoid being in doubt about what a summer house trip is actually going to cost in the end. Therefore, it is important that you set a price for the summer house that also takes into account the consumption of water, heat and electricity year round across different heat sources. Many hosts charge, for their own convenience, an average price of DKK 800 for consumption per. week.

By working with an average price for consumption year-round, it may be below the actual consumption some months and over other months, but ultimately cover your costs. We think this is a fair way to do it for both the guest and you as the host.

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