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Share your summer house

Do you love your summer house and would you like to share it with others? Tell us about your sanctuary and apply to become one of Landfolk's hand-picked summer houses.

You are just four steps from becoming part of Landfolk

You apply

Share your summer house with us through photos and text. It is important that we have the opportunity to see the house both from the inside and outside.

We will call you

Once we have looked through your application, we will give you a call and have a chat about the home based on our five characteristics.

We help you create a profile

Once your summer house has been selected to become part of Landfolk, we help with everything from description to pricing.

Your summer house is live

You are now ready to accept your first booking on and welcome your first lovely guests.

As mentioned by

Get more out of your summer house dream

With Landfolk you can share your summer house with like-minded guests who also love summer house life, all while earning an extra income. We only charge 5% in commission from you as a host and instead add 15% guest commission to your price, to cover our costs.

There are no strings attached and it costs nothing to set up your summer house on Landfolk. You have the opportunity to talk directly with your guests and you decide for yourself how often it should be rented out. The home is of course covered by our rental insurance from Tryg, every time you have guests visiting.

If needed, we also provide cleaning services and help with practicalities in some areas.

See our host terms

What characterises a Landfolk summer house?


We celebrate interior design with a personal touch, and love attention to the details.


Access to nature, whether you are looking for quietness or adventure. At a distance from the city and all its hastiness.

Great hosts

Behind each summer house is a proud host who enjoys sharing their second home with others.


The summer house experience is taken care of. You sleep well, you eat well and you feel good here.

No "one size"

One home is perfect for the family with children, another for the individual who will be working. Each home has its own unique characteristics and we do everything we can to highlight it.

Get familiar with our five characteristics

Why is Landfolk different?

Handpicked summer houses

Every single home on Landfolk is carefully selected by us. We love that no two homes are alike.

Easy and flexible

At Landfolk you can easily share your home with others who love summer house life as much as yourself. There are no strings attached and it is free to sign up your summer house to share on Landfolk.

Community for summer house life

In our community of proud and passionate summer house owners, we inspire each other within everything from interior design, do-it-yourself projects, finances and much more.

You are in good company

Previously, we never really considered sharing our summer house with others, but Landfolk just makes so much sense. We can share it in a flexible way, stay in control and we know that the people behind Landfolk share our passion and love for summer house life and nature.

Kirstine Gravgaard, summer house owner in Hjarbæk

A beautiful, refurbished summer house from 1927
Rørvig, Denmark · 8 guests
from €1,160/week
Enjoy the Bali vibe in beautiful and peaceful Bøtø
Væggerløse, Denmark · 8 guests
from €1,469/week
Modern wooden summer house with an undisturbed and natural garden
Sjællands Odde, Denmark · 4 guests
from €1,322/week
Modern surfer-inspired summer house close to the beach
Væggerløse, Denmark · 7 guests
from €1,407/week

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Your summer house should look just as fantastic on Landfolk as it actually is. We do photoshoots of your summer house to portray an honest impression and to ensure a good fit into the Landfolk universe. We strive to send a photographer as soon as possible and take photos of your summer house, which may be used on Landfolk and in our marketing initiatives.

Landfolk is more than a platform for sharing summer houses. It is a universe about summer house life, which unfolds across different channels - from our journal to social media such as Instagram to our newsletter .

We want to inspire you to visit a summer house at all times of the year and tune into new summer house experiences. We love to celebrate every single summer house on Landfolk and share them far and wide - and we love when you as a host help to tell others about your Landfolk summer house.

Yes you are. We don't believe in tying anyone with a contract, but instead strive to create such a good experience that you won't actually want to be listed anywhere else.

We know that you also love spending time at your summer house, since it is one of the characteristics of being part of Landfolk. That is also why you decide when you would like to share it with others.

That said, we would like to bet that you will also be smitten with the wonderful feeling of others finding joy in your summer house. We hear this time and time again from our hosts, and we think it is one of the very best things about what we do. That we all love summer house life and share that joy with each other.

We know that some people like to completely prepare the home for guests, while for others it can be a hassle to go to the home both before and after a rental. Therefore, we leave it entirely up to you whether you want to be responsible for the preparation and cleaning of your summer house or whether you would rather that we are responsible for it.

At Landfolk, the price paid by guests always includes preparation and final cleaning. If you clean your own summer house, you decide the cleaning fee and the amount will be included in your payment. Alternatively, if we are responsible for cleaning, we will set the cleaning fee amount and settle directly with the guest.

When in doubt about what is expected of a prepared and cleaned home, then please take a look at our preparation guide and cleaning guide.

As a host, you decide what you want to charge when you share your summer house, while we are of course ready to help and guide you. We believe that price is a dynamic quantity depending on various things. At Landfolk, the final price always includes cleaning fees and utility costs such as water, heat and electricity. That's why we have developed a price calculator tool, to help quickly and easily find the most optimal price for your summer house, all year round.

Once you have set the price, Landfolk will deduct a 5% host fee and add an additional 15% guest fee on top of your price. These fees cover payment for our platform and services.

At Landfolk, the final price always includes use of utilities such as water, heat and electricity. This helps avoid hidden costs at the end of a trip for both guest and host. Our calculations take utility costs in a summer house into account, all year round across different heat sources. Hosts can also adjust the utility costs in our price calculator.

By working with average utility costs all year round, the actual usage will of course vary, some months will be lower and some months will be higher. But ultimately your costs will be covered. We believe this is a fair way to do it for both the guest and you as a host.

It is entirely free to sign up and join When you welcome your first guest, our 5% host fee will be deducted from your earnings, and an additional 15% guest fee will be added to your price. These fees cover payment for our platform and services.

You always set the price for your summer house yourself.

In the rare event of accidents and damages caused by the guest, our Tryg insurance covers things in the summer house or the summer house itself with up to DKK 100,000. Damages caused by pets are also covered, however only up to DKK 10,000. As a summer house owner you should naturally also ensure your own protection through a standard summer house insurance.

Read about our insurance

Do you also love summer house life

In our newsletters, we make an effort to share inspiration about summer house life and the homes we hand-pick. We only send it when we have something relevant and important to say.

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