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Guide: Explore the hills of Odsherred

Enjoy unique views of fjords and bays, spot rare birds and plants and climb Odsherred's highest point. We guide you to the protected landscape of the Odsherred hills created over 15,000 years ago.

The hills of Odsherred stretch along Nekselø Bay and are characterised by their special tranquillity, unique nature and wildlife and magnificent viewpoints. Here, you can slow down and get close to each other as you hike through a landscape of grassy pastures with rolling hills, Bronze Age mounds and thatched cottages. Buckle up your hiking boots and explore Denmark's breathtaking Ice Age landscape.

Climb Vejrhøj - Odsherred's highest point

At 121 metres above sea level is Vejrhøj, Zealand's third highest point with by far the best view in Odsherred. Feel the wind on the Bronze Age burial mound, formed 15,000 years ago when mighty glaciers pushed the landscape around.

Experience thousands of ice age years under your feet and let yourself mesmerise by the 360-degree view of Sejerø Bay, Nekselø Bay and the Lammefjord at the top. Here, you can marvel at the ever-changing landscape from the flat fjord floor of the Lammefjord to the dramatic ridges of the hills and Sejerø and Nekselø rising above the sea. On clear days, you can spot as many as 27 churches from Vejrhøj, including the spires of Roskilde Cathedral.

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Follow the Vejrhøj Trail through the hills

The top of Vejrhøj can be reached by following the Danish Nature Agency's 3.3 kilometre yellow hiking route from the car park at Vraget through Bymosen's footbridges and the twisted trees of Vægterkrattet. The first part of the route to Vejrhøj is steep and can be slippery and is therefore not recommended for people with walking difficulties. Once you’ve seen the view of the mosaic of fields from the top, you can follow the path through the pasture to Mads' House, which is not actually a house but a small terrace in the landscape. Sit down at tables and benches and enjoy a well-earned rest and perhaps a refreshment.

Spend a beach day at the Wreck

Spend the hot days by the water at the child-friendly sandy beach Vraget (‘The Wreck’). The beach is named after a fishing boat that for many years lay stranded off the coast. Today, there’s no wreck left, but instead a shallow beach with soft dunes where you can relax in the sun or enjoy a refreshing swim on your hikes in the hilly landscape. (

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Go birdwatching at Sanddobberne

From the car park at Vraget, you can follow the Lagoon path along Sanddobberne, the distinctive 2-kilometre stretch of coastline that is a favourite spot for birdwatchers and kite surfers alike. Walk through a carpet of purple heather with flowering juniper bushes and say hello to the grazing cows. By the water, you'll find Krumodden headland, which can be reached by crossing the bridge over the scenic lagoon. Take a sea bath and spot kite surfers on windy days or migrating wading birds in spring and autumn. From 1 April to 15 July, it's recommended to stay off the sand spit to give the birds time to breed.

Stroll through the castle garden at Dragsholm Castle

Not far from Sanddobberne is Dragsholm Castle, the more than 800-year-old castle. The white castle buildings have a history as both a bishop's palace and a royal castle, but today it serves as a hotel. Bring home local specialities from the farm shop in the old mansion's stable, or sit down in the castle parlours for a gourmet meal prepared with local produce from the beach, garden and fields. You can also stroll through the castle's legendary setting and the park, which is at its finest when the rhododendrons are in pink bloom.

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Watch rare orchids on the grassland

Rævebjerg is one of the finest examples of Danish grassland and is home to both breathtaking views of the sea and a number of rare plant species such as Common Moonwort and Shelf Cuckoowort. If you pass by the hills in May or June, Rævebjerg is covered in a pale yellow and reddish-purple carpet of Shelf Cuckoowort - the rare orchid species comes in two colour variants, named Adam and Eve.

Follow the Danish Nature Agency's green route of 3.2 kilometres from the car park at Vindekilde Strandvej through Rævebjerg's Golden Age landscape, which has attracted landscape painters over the years. Along the way, you will pass the old crofters' cottages that are sheltered from the wind in the hills. Today, the crofters' cottages have been transformed into beautiful summer houses, which, due to special conservation regulations, are all kept in earthy colours and have thatched roofs.

Explore the art heritage of the hills

Rævebjerg is not the only place in the area that attracted artists. The hills in Odsherred were the setting for one of Denmark's four colonies of painters, the Odsherred painters. From the 1930s, a large number of naturalistic painters flocked to the hills, portraying the dramatic ridges and the beautiful light in their works. Explore the legacy of the artist colony further inland at Odsherred Art Museum, where landscape paintings and sometimes contemporary art are always on display in the bright exhibition rooms.

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Sara Maarup Thomsen
Written by Sara Maarup ThomsenJune 2023
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