6 different summer houses for a beautiful Christmas

What type of Christmas do you dream of? Here are 6 types of surroundings for you and your loved ones to enjoy the holidays in ~ closer to nature and far removed from our hectic everyday lives.

If you’ve seen the classic Christmas film The Holiday, you know that Christmas isn’t just Christmas. The places we surround ourselves with create an atmosphere – whether you’re into romantic cottage vibes, the nostalgic and traditional, the minimalism of architect-designed spaces or something different entirely. Maybe you’re looking to create new traditions of your own in modern surroundings, or perhaps the calm and soothing feeling of being close to nature is what you and your loved ones are in need of. Below, get inspired for your own Christmas with six examples of different kinds of surroundings to celebrate the holidays in.


Summer house in a Nordic style with walls covered in birch veneer

Summer house in a Nordic style with walls covered in birch veneer

1. Nordic and contemporary

If you’re dreaming of a Christmas in calm, bright surroundings close to nature, a summer house with the light, natural materials and simple interiors of the Nordic style would be a beautiful place to celebrate the holidays. Explore our collection of Scandi-style summer houses or find a handpicked summer house near the forest.

Whenever we’ve celebrated Christmas in a summer house, it’s been so much easier to immerse myself in the Christmas fairy tale. It’s so far from our everyday. When it gets dark and you look out onto the forest… everything is just more magical. – Daniel, summer house guest

Luxury summer house with a sauna in the middle of nature

2. Quiet luxury

If you’re in need of a break from the all of the hectics that can often surround us during Christmas and New Year’s, a stay in a summer house with a touch of wellness could be just the thing. With stunning views, breathtaking nature and beautiful architecture, Hans-Arne and Ninas summer house surrounded by mountains by the sea is a gorgeous example of this. Explore more summer houses with a touch of luxury here.


Retro summer house in a 70s style

Retro summer house in a 70s style

3. Nostalgic

One of the magical aspects of Danish summer houses is that so many of them are still largely preserved, making for beautiful little time capsules. Staying here, it can feel as though you’re taken back to another time, before smartphones and tablets demanded our attention. Take your loved ones on a holiday stay in a summer house from the 60s or 70s for a nostalgic Christmas this year. Above, it’s Hanna’s wonderful summer house in the middle of Mulbjerge Hills, built in 1955 and surrounded by nature.


Summer house decorated with calm, earthy tones and Danish design

4. Calm and classic

If you’re into calm surroundings in the company of Danish design, perhaps your Christmas holiday should be spent in a place like Line and Morten’s summer house by the Lammefjord. The combination of flea market finds and classic Danish design characterises a lot of the houses handpicked for Landfolk ~ it’s just a lovely feeling you get when you’re staying in a place decorated with great care and personality. Explore more handpicked houses for Christmas and New Year’s here.


Architect-designed summer house with a panoramic view to nature

Architect-designed summer house with a panoramic view to nature

5. Architect-designed minimalism

Minimalism might not be what most people imagine for Christmas. But there’s something inherently magical about watching the fields, occasional bird and tall trees through the large panoramic windows characteristic of architecturally designed summer houses. These houses tend to be designed for their nature surroundings, making them ideal places to wind down and enjoy a beautiful setting if you’re tired from the hectic Christmas vibed of the city. This unique cabin in the mountains is designed by Snøhetta architects. Explore more architect-designed summer houses here.

Unik hytte tegnet af Snøhetta 

Unik hytte tegnet af Snøhetta 

6. Idyllic cottage feel

In for a magical, idyllic-feeling Christmas? Then look for a summer house with a cottage feel to spend the holidays in – like here in Øyvind's wonderful wooden summer house. You can find more summer houses with a Nordic log cabin feel here, or explore our collection of summer houses with a historical charm to them.

Lovely summer house with an idyllic feel surrounded by trees

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Nina Lykke
Written by Nina LykkeDecember 2022
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