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Summer holiday in Western Norway: A complete guide to the nature experiences you don't want to miss

Sharp peaks, deep valleys and glittering fjords. It's no coincidence that Western Norway is a destination many people dream of visiting. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know to tailor the perfect summer holiday in Western Norway - packed with unique nature experiences.

Experience the breathtaking mountain capital of Åndalsnes

At the end of the Romsdalsfjord, with pointed peaks on all sides, you'll find Åndalsnes - which has been named Norway's capital in terms of mountain peaks. With the areas near Åndalsnes as your starting point you can experience the feeling of accomplishment in a wide range of exciting activities.

Some of the things you can experience here include:

  • The Romsdalsstigen via ferrata is an aerial experience you will never forget. With an experienced guide and safety going up the steep mountainsides, this is truly an experience of a lifetime. This type of hike is organised by Norsk Tindesenter, who promise tingling in your stomach.
  • Romsdalseggen is one of the most iconic, but also challenging, hikes you can choose in Western Norway, and it’s a hike you can only do when the weather permits, as much of the hike is over the steep ridge.
  • Rampestreken is a fantastic lookout point at 537 metres above sea level and is perfect for those who don't want to hike the Romsdalseggen, but still want to enjoy most of the beautiful views you get on the mountain. The hike is well organised and is a good alternative for those who want a shorter hike, although it is also demanding.
  • Kayaking on the Romsdalsfjord with a local guide gives you the opportunity to experience the mountains and fjord in a unique way.
  • SUP on the Istra River is an experience you won't want to miss. The guided tour takes you through beautiful scenery on the calm, green river.

Adventurous Lodalen

Spectacular scenery, wild and beautiful contrasts and fantastic nature experiences are just some of the things Lodalen has to offer, creating an exciting setting for your holiday.

Some of the things you can experience here include:

  • Hire a canoe, kayak or rowing boat and experience the spectacular landscape from the blue-green fjord, coloured by the glacier at the end of the valley.
  • At the very centre of Lodalen lies Kjenndalsbreen, the lowest glacier arm of Jostedalsbreen. Here, you can enjoy the sight of the impressive waterfalls with blue-green glacier water.
  • If hiking is high on your wish list, Bødalsseter is a good starting point. The area offers everything from easy to very demanding hikes.

Jostedalsbreen National Park

Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier on the European mainland and accounts for about half the area of the national park, which also features narrow, lush valleys, rushing waterfalls and wild rivers. The powerful landscape is characterised by impressive contrasts and nature experiences that make you feel like you've stepped into another time.

Some of the things you can experience here include:

  • Glacier hiking on the blue ice is an experience of a lifetime, and in winter you can enter the blue ice caves that form under the glacier and see how the ice forms the mountain beneath the glacier. Both of these activities require a guide.
  • In summer, there are countless hikes with well-marked trails where the whole family can join in, as well as challenging hikes where you’re rewarded with fantastic views at the top.
  • Paddling and rafting are activities that are a truly exciting way to experience the unique surroundings. For example, if you combine glacier hiking with a canoe trip, you can really experience first-hand how water and ice shapes the landscape of the national park to this day.
  • If you want to feel the adrenaline pumping extra hard, rafting in the wild rivers can be an exciting experience. Just be prepared to experience the icy glacial water first-hand.

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Surfing paradise Hoddevik

The unique surfing beach at Hoddevik near Stad on the west coast of Nordfjord is a place worth visiting not only if you love surfing, but also if you want to experience the stunning views, hiking and swimming in the crashing waves. Be prepared for narrow, steep and winding roads. If you dream of experiencing Hoddevik, Stein's lovely cabin is the perfect starting point.

Some of the things you can experience here include:

  • Bury your toes in the chalk-white sand, surrounded by high mountain sides with views of the Stadhavet sea and the waves crashing ashore, and enjoy a day on the beach together.
  • Hoddevik is a favourite spot for surfers and is visited by surfers from all over the world, summer and winter. Take a surfing course or try it on your own if you have experience.
  • Hoddevik is also the starting point for the hike to Mosekleivhornet, a beautiful hike with stunning views.

Active summer by the Hardangerfjord

Roaring waterfalls, sparkling fjords and steep mountainsides. The Hardangerfjord region is simply something that must be experienced. Here you'll find challenges for the whole family, breathtaking silence and unique nature experiences.

Some of the things you can experience here include:

  • Trolltunga is one of the most demanding and rewarding mountain hikes in Western Norway. The hike requires you to be in good shape, and alternative activities should be planned for the youngest members of the family on this day.
  • Glacier hiking gives you an impressive insight into the forces of nature and how glaciers still shape our landscape. Hardanger is home to Folgefonna, an area where you can ski in the middle of summer and try your hand at cross-country skiing, snowboarding and downhill skiing.
  • Vøringsfossen is located in one of Norway's deepest valleys, where you can walk right up to the edge and let the power of the rushing waterfall embrace you and drown out the rest of the world.
  • Hardanger also offers some of the most beautiful orchards in the country, and the apples here are particularly special. When the apple trees are in bloom, Hardanger is a unique sight, just as it is when they are heavy with fruit in the autumn - with views of glittering fjords and high mountains in the background.

When traveling on an active holiday, nothing feels better than having your cabin as a cosy base to come home to. Here, you can hunker down, relax and recharge for a new day of adventure. Whether you dream of traditional, Norwegian cabin romance, the farmhouse feel of a real log cabin or a modern gem with a taste for beautiful natural materials, there are plenty of cabins to choose from. A cabin with stunning views of the beautiful mountain landscape or a lovely, personalised cabin where you wake up with a view of the forest is the perfect base for an active holiday bursting with adventure for young and old.

Unique mountain hikes in Western Norway

Fjords, mountains and unrivalled views. It's not without reason that Western Norway is what many tourists associate with Norway. Here, nature experiences are contrasting and intense, and mountain hikes are no exception. It's important to pack your rucksack correctly, follow the advice of local guides and keep up to date with the weather forecast.

The hikes on this list are some of the most iconic hikes in Western Norway - challenging hikes that are rewarded with breathtaking views you won't find anywhere else:

  • Preikestolen is 604 metres above the Lysefjord and is one of Norway's most famous hikes. This is a moderately demanding hike that you should allow 4 hours to complete. The hike can be experienced from April to October/November. There are several beautiful Landfolk cabins that can be your family's basecamp - whether you want traditional summer idyll or chic and modern luxury.
  • Romsdalseggen is a magnificent mountain hike with views of the Romsdalsfjellene mountains Kongen, Dronninga, Store Trolltind and not least the majestic troll wall. The season runs from June to September, and the demanding hike is 10.3 km long with an ascent of 970 metres. That means you need to be in good physical shape, not particularly afraid of heights and you need to check the weather forecast. The hike takes 7-8 hours and is not particularly suitable for children.
  • Trolltunga is without doubt one of the most spectacular rock formations in our country, soaring no less than 770 metres above Ringedalsvatnet lake. The hike takes 10-12 hours and requires you to be in good shape and have proper hiking equipment, and although the trail is good and solid, the areas around Trolltunga consist of steep cliffs without fences, so be extra careful. The summer season is from June to September and it is recommended that you start early and go with a guide.
  • Kjerag and Kjeragbolten are a popular destination not only for hikers, but also for base jumpers and mountaineers. Kjerag rises 1084 metres above sea level and is the highest peak in the Lysefjord. This is a demanding hike even for experienced hikers and takes from 6-10 hours. It is recommended that you walk the hike with a guide. The architectural gem of Christian and Kathrine is a fantastic place to stay on a cabin trip if you want to do this beautiful hike.


If you're travelling to the west of Norway, the unique summit hikes in the Sunnmøre Alps are something you won't want to miss. There are many mountain hikes in Norway, but the mountains of Sunnmøre are something special. Since the 1800s, the peaks in this area have attracted mountaineers from all over the world to experience and be fascinated by the impressive mountains that rise straight up from the deep fjords. Here, pointed mountains rise in rows and rows, so you're spoilt for choice.

Here are some of the most beautiful hikes in the Sunnmøre Alps: Dalegubben is located at 1,344 metres above sea level and rewards you with one of the most beautiful views of the Sunnmøre Alps towards the Hjørundfjord and the other peaks in the area. Kristin's lovely cabin is right in the middle of the action when it comes to beautiful mountain hikes such as Dalegubben, and is an obvious choice if you want to do this hike. Slogen is a unique mountain hike, with its pyramid-like formations at 1,564 metres above sea level and breathtaking views of the fjord and mountains. Book Kjetil and Elin's unique cabin to really experience everything the area has to offer.

  • Kolåstinden is a demanding mountain hike in the Sunnmøre Alps, with its mighty 1,432 metres above sea level, and can be visited in both summer and winter.
  • Fingeren, at 1,180 metres above sea level, offers exciting challenges in both summer and winter, and the proud summit offers a beautiful view of the area.

Here you can truly experience unrivalled nature and breathtaking views, making the area a popular place to have a cabin. If outstanding mountain views, cosy, traditional atmosphere or modern luxury are at the top of your wish list, there are several beautiful cabins to choose from in the area.

Places to visit on the road

Getting there is also part of the journey. Here are some of the places and experiences you might want to visit along the way:

  • The Atlantic Road - voted one of the most beautiful roads in the world, where you drive right out into the ocean gap. There are many great places to stop and beautiful things to experience along the way.
  • Raumabanen - one of Europe's most beautiful train journeys.
  • Trollstigen - one of the most iconic roads in Norway, where you go up the steep mountainside on a narrow, winding road and are rewarded with unrivalled views at the top.
  • The four waterfalls in Husedalen - on the road from Kinsarvik to Hardangervidda the four beautiful waterfalls are located close together.
  • Trollveggen - is Northern Europe's highest vertical hike and has the longest climbing route in Europe.
  • Moldejazz - a jazz festival that takes place in Molde in July each year.
  • Mardalsfossen - an impressive waterfall, located as a reward at the end of a 2 km long marked trail. If you want to spend more time in this beautiful area, [Catherine and Stig's cabin(, which rests on rocks by the sea, is perfect.
  • The fishing village of Grip - one of Norway's most beautiful fishing villages, far out by the sea.
  • Renndølsetra in Innerdalen - where you can enjoy delicacies like tjukklefse, klippfisk and perhaps the world's best blue cheese.
  • Smøla - the island where the sea meets sky and you can experience one of the world's densest populations of sea eagles.
  • The fishing village of Veiholmen - a beautiful fishing village in the middle of the open sea.

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Guro Sofie Ulsaker Nordahl
Written by Guro Sofie Ulsaker NordahlJune 2023
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